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Meghan Ward

I'm a freelance writer and book editor represented by Andy Ross of the Andy Ross Literary Agency. You can read an excerpt of my memoir, Paris On Less Than $10,000 A Day, and visit my website for more info about me.



The Editing Hour: A Copyediting Quiz

I’ve been a bit absent from blogland this week because I have a deadline this Sunday. I have to edit a 400-page book in 10 days on top of my regular routine of taking care of two kids and doing 5000 loads of laundry every week. Because I haven’t done much copyediting this past year, […]


So the announcement for the Apple tablet, the iPad is over, and this is what we know:

It has everything you would expect: Calendar, maps, iTunes, photos with slide shows, web browsing, e-mail, movies.

And here are the specs: 0.5-inches thin, weighs 1.5 pounds, 9.7-inch IPS display. 10 hours of battery life, a month of […]

Apple tablet unveiled today

The Apple tablet is going to be unveiled at 10 a.m. PST today, Wednesday, Jan. 27 (and, oh yeah, the State of the Union Address is tonight, too). Why, might you ask, am I so excited about the Apple tablet? Mainly because I really wanted an e-reader for Christmas and couldn’t decide which one (I […]

Link Love

I’m posting fewer links this week because I’m on a deadline, but they’re good ones. Check them out!

Jacquelyn Wheeler has a great post on turning dreams into goals.

See JA Konrath’s post about luck and the role it plays in your success.

This guy is writing a novel in six-sentence chapters. Check it out!


Contest Winner!

The blog contest is officially over. Thank you to everyone who commented with their favorite books! I have a great list of suggestions now. And of those who commented (who also joined this site), I folded up little pieces of paper with your names on it, put them in a hat, and had my husband […]

Reading for Writers

I submitted this post for Nathan Bransford’s guest blog contest, but since it wasn’t chosen, I’m printing it here. I think it’s fitting after all the great books people suggested in the comments on the Contest post. Speaking of the contest, if you haven’t taken part yet, follow this blog in the sidebar to the […]

POL—The Motivation

I’ve had a terrible time figuring out how to BEGIN my book—when I arrive in Paris to begin modeling? In San Francisco when the agent proposes I go? At home in Michigan with my family? (To show my reasons for leaving). I’ve played with each of those scenarios and none has quite worked. One of […]

Paris On Less

The Writerland contest continues through Wednesday at midnight, so keep commenting! I love hearing what everyone’s favorite books are. (And don’t forget to “follow” this blog over in the sidebar.) I mentioned in my previous post that one of the changes coming to Writerland in 2010 will be the introduction of some non-writing-related posts. The […]


There will be a few changes around Writerland in 2010, the first of which is the introduction of contests! I’ll also be adding some non-writing posts in the next week, and in February … a new design! So let’s get started. The prize for January’s contest is your choice of one of the books below. […]

Link Love

Wow. This week I’m actually going to post my favorite links on Friday like all the cool people do!

Editor Alan Rinzler over at The Book Deal has a detailed post on memoir with seven tips for combating your inner critic.

Jacquelyn Wheeler breaks down the pros and cons of self-publishing vs traditional publishing.

Shelli […]