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Meghan Ward

I'm a freelance writer and book editor represented by Andy Ross of the Andy Ross Literary Agency. You can read an excerpt of my memoir, Paris On Less Than $10,000 A Day, and visit my website for more info about me.



How writing is like running

I recently finished Haruki Murakami’s memoir What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I was anxious to read it because I took up running recently. First, let me backup and give you a history of my running. I first ran in my 20s when I was considering signing up for a self-awareness training […]

The Editing Hour—More Mispronunciations

More mispronunciations!

Okay, here are a two I’ve been pronouncing wrong: era, pronounced “EAR-ra” not “AIR-uh” and “equinox,” pronounced “EE-kwi-nahks,” not “EH-kwi-nahks.” Also, “err,” is “UR,” not “AIR.”

This guy claims “eschew” is “es-CHOO,” not “e-SHOO,” but he also includes a lengthy letter from the pronunciation editor of Merriam-Webster on why they include […]

Memoir Monday

I’m going to start blogging about the process of memoir writing, a process I have become all too familiar with these past – eh hem – “couple” of years. This week, I’ll talk about tense.

It’s a difficult decision whether to write your memoir in past or present tense. I wrote mine in past and […]

Blog Awards

When I received my first blog award from Sierra, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. The Blogo-Rama-Dingdong Award? Should I be excited about that? Fortunately, Sierra didn’t require me to pass it on to other bloggers or to post it on my own blog. Then two weeks ago, I received a second blog […]

Over the wall

Last week, I was feeling really discouraged about revising my book. I’ve been working on this same book for SO long now (more than five years), and I’m dying to put it behind me on and start something new. I don’t feel excited about it. In fact, I mysteriously find very important things that I […]

Link Love

Agent Kirsty McLaughlan, guest blogging for Strictly Writing, gives seven tips for getting an agent.

From the Guardian via Elizabeth at Fog City Writer, is crowfunding the way of the future?

Also from the Guardian, is your reading suffering from multimedia overload?

Agent Rachelle Gardner warns writers to think hard before self-publishing while editor Alan […]


Someone, a few months back, wrote an amazing blog post about patience and I can’t remember who it was or where I read it. I can hardly repeat that here, but I do have a few things to say about patience.

You need a lot of patience to be a writer. Patience with yourself when […]

The Editing Hour: Mispronunciations

I have this awesome book called The Beastly Book of Mispronunciations. Here are some random samples, mostly from the Ds:

Dubois, as in W.E.B.—I remember the first time I heard his name pronounced in college, I flinched at my professor’s “awful” pronunciation (doo-boyce), but alas, that’s the correct way to pronounce it, not “doo-bwah,” the […]

If I Can Dream

Those of us who are still suffering from the adolescent need to be cool (like the high school kids who come to our house on Halloween talking on their cell phones and wearing nothing but a wig or a mask), may be afraid to admit that you want to be successful writers, that they want […]

A Day in the Life

During my author interview with Alicia Dunams, I asked her to describe her typical day. I found it so fascinating to get a glimpse into a fellow writer’s personal life that I decided to share mine, too, and I encourage everyone else to do the same (in comments or on your own blog).

Tuesdays, Thursdays, […]