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Meghan Ward

I'm a freelance writer and book editor represented by Andy Ross of the Andy Ross Literary Agency. You can read an excerpt of my memoir, Paris On Less Than $10,000 A Day, and visit my website for more info about me.



The Perfect Rejection

Rejections are no fun. Especially form rejections. Every day you read Nathan Bransford’s blog and you feel like you know him, like you’re BUDS. You comment on his blog, you fill out the surveys, you post stuff in the forums, and he even responds to your comments now and then. He offers great advice to […]

How To Lose Blog Readers

I once bought a book in a Mendocino art gallery called How To Be Totally Unhappy in a Peaceful World. It was a VERY funny book, and, of course, the real message was, “Do the opposite of what I tell you here in order to be totally HAPPY in a peaceful world.” Ditto here.

1. […]

We Interrupt This Blog …

… to bring you some random updates. I think I need to post Random Updates more often, a chance to say all those things that don’t merit an entire blog post.

First up, my writing goals. As some of you know, four weeks ago I mailed my friend in Texas $1000 with a plan for […]

Link Love

A note about links. I love reading other people’s links because we all follow different blogs and others post great links that I may have missed. That said, I find it really difficult to keep up with everyone’s blogs and to post all the best links here every Friday. I don’t like to post only […]

Memoir Monday: Seven Tips for Writing a Great Memoir

It’s going to be Tuesday by the time I get this post out, but it must be Monday somewhere in the world? In Hawaii maybe? Alaska? Today, since it’s past my bedtime, here are seven tips for writing a great memoir. I’ll go into them more in depth in the coming weeks.

1. Don’t worry […]

Contest Winner and Link Love

The winner of this month’s Writerland contest is …


Kristan, e-mail me your address and to whom you’d like the book addressed (Kristan, Kristan the Magnificent, etc.) to meghan (at) meghanward (dot) com. Then, whenever you’re ready, send me 20 pages of your manuscript or a short story, and I will critique it and […]

Stand Up To Write

A reminder to comment here by midnight tonight to win a personalized autographed copy of The Secret Miracle and a 20-page critique (you just have to be a follower over there in the sidebar.)

Last week I hurt my back so badly I couldn’t move for several hours. A ton of Motrin and an ice […]

Back up!

A quick reminder for all my followers to enter the Writerland contest to win a PERSONALIZED autographed copy of The Secret Miracle: A Novelist’s Handbook. The deadline is Thursday, April 15, at midnight.

Another reminder to back up your files. I’ve written about this before, but I think it’s important for writers to be reminded […]

Memoir Monday: Do You Have a Story To Tell?

First, I just have to say, this is my 100th blog post! I started Writerland in November, and so far I’ve made some really wonderful blog buddies (Sierra, Kristan, Jackie, Kristen, Christie, and J.P. to name but a few), and I want to thank you all for stopping by on a regular basis. It’s people […]

Wordle Up!

I’m hopping on the Wordle bandwagon and posting my manuscript as interpreted by Wordle. People are using this as an editing tool, but Wordle filters out numbers and the most common English words like “and” and “the.” I obviously use the word “like” a lot, but not in the “Like, totally tubular” sort of way, […]