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Meghan Ward

I'm a freelance writer and book editor represented by Andy Ross of the Andy Ross Literary Agency. You can read an excerpt of my memoir, Paris On Less Than $10,000 A Day, and visit my website for more info about me.



How Do You Present Yourself To The World?

We’ve talked about branding and how important it is to present yourself professionally online through your website, blog, Tweets, and Facebook page. But what about in person? How do you present yourself to the world? Are you the kookie artist with the wild hair and the scrappy jeans? The clean-cut professional who wears twin sets […]

What is your writing process?

My last post got me thinking about different ways to begin a project. When I’m advising new writers on how to begin a memoir, I tell them to think of an event and just sit down and write it as a scene (or in essay form if they aren’t ready yet to write scenes). Then […]

Are you a slow writer or a fast writer?

I’m continually amazed by stories like Tawna Fenske’s who “In the last eight years [has] written nine full manuscripts and six partials.” Whoa! In the last eight years I have written exactly ONE memoir and revised the hell out of it and still haven’t finished it. Sure, I earned an MFA, got married, and had […]

Library E-books

I love my iPad, and I’m reading more books now that I can download them instantly and read them in bed at night with the lights off, but one of the downsides (besides the difficulty of reading in bright sunlight of buying ebooks is that you can’t resell them, buy them used, or lend them […]

Memoir Monday: Narrator, Character: The Two “Yous”

Today we have a guest post from Rachel Howard, author of the memoir The Lost Night: A Daughter’s Search for the Truth of Her Father’s Murder, described as “enthralling” by the New York Times. Her personal essays have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and O, the Oprah Magazine. Her advice is quoted extensively in […]

Link Love

Finally, links!

As you’ve probably heard by now, according to Jeff Bezos, e-book sales have surpassed hardcover book sales at Amazon (but I’m curious to know how e-book sales compare to paperback sales).

And from The Nation, the trouble with Amazon.

From my friend Connie Hale over at Sin and Syntax (have you bought her […]

What Jane Fonda and I Have In Common

In 1981, On Golden Pond came out and won three Oscars. A year later, Henry Fonda died. Five years later, when I was 16, I saw it and loved it (I still do). One of my favorite scenes was when Jane Fonda does a backflip off the diving board toward the end of the movie. […]

One Reason to Buy a Kindle

This is me reading a book on the iPad at the beach. It was an overcast day, and I did discover that if I tilted it at the right angle, I could read without the towel over my head, but still, a Kindle would have been nice. Would I rather have a Kindle than an […]

Blogging Blues

I keep not wanting to write the “why I’m not blogging” post, but here goes. I am CRAZY tired lately! My 10-month-old is going through some kind of growth spurt or teething or revenge-on-Mommy for not letting her have unlimited Cheerios and is getting up two to three times a night. Last night she was […]