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Meghan Ward

I'm a freelance writer and book editor represented by Andy Ross of the Andy Ross Literary Agency. You can read an excerpt of my memoir, Paris On Less Than $10,000 A Day, and visit my website for more info about me.



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

My brother sent me this video, and I love it. Stuff like this makes me cry. I hope everyone has a great holiday. I may see you next week, or I may take the week off to throw snowballs make snow angels and see you in the New Year. I’ll surprise you.



I am horrified to have just discovered that I had 25 unapproved comments in my Admin folder (only three of them spam)—many from writer friends an bloggers whose blogs I frequent. I rely on WordPress to notify me when someone has commented, and when a comment in pending approval, but somehow it hasn’t been doing […]

The Editing Hour: What’s New in CMS 16

Like I mentioned in my last post, I took a class this week called “What’s New in Chicago 16?” For those of you who edit, or are at least familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style, you probably know that the sixteenth edition came out in August of this year. This is a big deal […]

Holiday Gift Ideas For Writers

I am stealing this post idea directly from Sierra Godfrey, who says other bloggers have written similar posts, so I guess I’m not the only one stealing post ideas.


Chicago Manual of Style, Sixteenth Edition

Although Sierra already mentioned this one, I’d be a bad editor if I didn’t suggest the […]