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Link Love

Finally, links!

As you’ve probably heard by now, according to Jeff Bezos, e-book sales have surpassed hardcover book sales at Amazon (but I’m curious to know how e-book sales compare to paperback sales).

And from The Nation, the trouble with Amazon.

From my friend Connie Hale over at Sin and Syntax (have you bought her […]

Visual-ize Your Dreams

Life has been a bit insane around here with our cat just back from hospital and on an IV. I feel like I have THREE kids now (or two kids and a senior citizen). Here’s a quick vlog, and sorry the bottom of the poster got cut off. Also, for some reason on all of […]

San Francisco Writers’ Grotto Pre-Holiday Mini Tour

I’m having technical difficulties with iMovie, so please excuse the weird double audio clips in this video. And while I’m trying to figure out how that happened, enjoy a mini tour of the Grotto, a co-op of full-time writers who share an office space near South Park in San Francisco.

San Francisco Writers’ Grotto […]