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Link Love

A little late on the link love this week again, but I’m feeling more sane now that the holidays are over. Good stuff this week:

In publishing news, things may not be as bad as they seem: Jacket Copy reported that book sales were down only 3% in 2009, with hardcover fiction up 3% from 2008.

Mashable reported further rumors that the Apple iSlate WILL cost close to $1000, and that it had better have some amazing features to compensate for its exorbitant price.

According to Huffington Post , women should “sleep their way to the top”—literally.

Author of Get Known Before The Book Deal Christina Katz has a great post on
how to build your writer platform.

Author Kimberly Pauley proposes a challenge to her fellow (traditionally published) authors. She’ll show you hers (royalty statement) if you show her yours. And if you aren’t published, check out her post anyway—she’s already posted her first statement.

Shelli at Market My Words has interviewed agent/blogger extraordinaire Nathan Bransford about book marketing strategies.

Last but not least, JA Konrath distills everything he’s learned about the publishing industry into one comprehensive post!

And now a question for you: Would you buy an iSlate for $1000?

3 comments to Link Love

  • Ooo, thanks for the links! I have to admit, I'm always dreadfully curious about the royalties and earnings of a writer. Not because I would stop if I knew I would be poor — HELLO? I do know that! Hehehe — but because I just like knowing what's ahead, you know?

    Speaking of being poor: HECK NO I would not buy a $1k iSlate. Not unless it could be my agent and get me a 3-book deal or something. And bring me breakfast in bed.

  • I would buy an iSlate for up to $600 I think, but not more. Even $600 is really steep compared to a Kindle or noon at $269. Royalty statements depress me!

  • i head it was 1000. Id buy it for 500 if it has a kindle capacity for books.