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Blog Awards

When I received my first blog award from Sierra, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. The Blogo-Rama-Dingdong Award? Should I be excited about that? Fortunately, Sierra didn’t require me to pass it on to other bloggers or to post it on my own blog. Then two weeks ago, I received a second blog award, the Sunshine Award, from JP, so I decided to post both awards in my sidebar and pass the Sunshine Award along. JP says it’s supposed to go to twelve other bloggers. So here goes. In no particular order, here are twelve of the dozens of blogs on my Blogroll. Check them out!

For Bay Area Literary News, Frances at Ghost Word
For hilarious vlogs, Kiersten at Kiersten Writes
For overall great humor, Kristen at A Rocket in My Pocket
For general awesomeness, Kristan Hoffman
For fabulous advice from an editor, Alan Rinzler
For the How I Got My Agent and 7 Things I’ve Learned So Far series, the Guide to Literary Agents.
For more general awesomeness, Sierra Godfrey
For fabulous photos combined with insights on the writing process, Christine Lee Zilka at 80,000 Words
For book marketing advice, Shelli at Market My Words
For more great insights on the writing process, Elizabeth at Fog City Writer
For an overall great writing blog, Debra at Write on Target
For all the best publishing news, Media Bistro’s Galley Cat

Of course, there are a gazillion other deserving blogs, and I will link to all of them some day! If you received this award from me, congrats! If you feel like posting it in your sidebar and passing it on, go for it! If you don’t, that’s fine, too.


6 comments to Blog Awards

  • Gosh, thanks, Meghan! This is my first blog award. I'm going to print out the badge and carry it around in my wallet!

    Hmmm. Who else should I pass it to? That's a good question. People should feel free to come over to my blog and suck up to me so I'll think favorably of them.



  • Aww, thank you! I'm not sure how generally awesome I've been lately (at least not online — IRL I'm kicking booty!) but I'll take it anyway. 😛

  • Thanks for the link! And good luck with your book revisions…I know it's so hard to continue working on something you've been immersed in for so long. I'm still doing that myself – small steps are definitely the way to go!

  • Aww, thanks, that's way sweet. Can't wait to check out the bloggers on your list who I don't already know.

  • You all are awesome and deserve lots of blog awards!

  • Aw, geez, you're making me blush. Thanks so much for the blog bling – the Sunshine Award is a beauty! And I'm thrilled your found me so that now I can follow you, too! 😉