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Contest Winner and Link Love

The winner of this month’s Writerland contest is …


Kristan, e-mail me your address and to whom you’d like the book addressed (Kristan, Kristan the Magnificent, etc.) to meghan (at) meghanward (dot) com. Then, whenever you’re ready, send me 20 pages of your manuscript or a short story, and I will critique it and send it back to you within a week.

And now for a few links. My list is going to be short for the next few weeks because I have DEADLINES.

Alan Rinzler has a great post on shelf wars at bookstores, including an interview with agent and former owner of Cody’s bookstore, Andy Ross.

Chris at Upstart Crow reminds writers to have patience, which I blogged about not long ago, but I think some of us need more patience than others!

Via Shelly at Market My Words, a post from Bubble Cow on how to find and keep your readers.

According to Kristin at Pub Rants, there’s a rumor that several of the six big publishers are coming out with new boiler plate contracts soon.

Anne over at Piedmont Writer discusses the drawbacks of having too many followers.

Sierra has a fabulous story about the word fortitude.

You can save the earth by changing your font.

And last but never least, from Galley Cat, how to make an iPad cover out of an old book, the Library of Congress is going to store ALL tweets, and a cat who loves his iPad:

Happy Weekend!

5 comments to Contest Winner and Link Love

  • WOOT! Hahaha, Kristan the Magnificent sounds pretty good, but I'm not sure it's deserved just yet… ;P

    Thanks, Meghan!

  • I love century gothic and times, and use it over arial – but it had nothing to do with saving the planet becos I didn't know about it – till this post. Thanks

  • Kristan – you deserve it!

    Aditi – I always use Times New Roman. Just habit, I guess.

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