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Blogging Blues

I keep not wanting to write the “why I’m not blogging” post, but here goes. I am CRAZY tired lately! My 10-month-old is going through some kind of growth spurt or teething or revenge-on-Mommy for not letting her have unlimited Cheerios and is getting up two to three times a night. Last night she was up at 1 a.m. (and then I was awake until 2) and then back up from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. If I had fed her the second time, she would have gone right back to sleep, but I decided to re-sleep train her instead, which entailed rocking and singing and frantically purchasing the White Noise Baby app from iTunes and oh-shit it won’t download to the iPad for some reason and oh-shit my husband’s credit card information needs to be updated so it won’t download to his iPhone either and “Haven’t you typed in that credit card yet??!!” at 5 a.m. while she was screaming her head off. It’s been like this for the past couple of weeks, and it’s killing me. During the day, my toddler is taking naps only about 50 percent of the time, and when he does it’s a huge fight and he never sleeps at the same time as my baby, so I get NO break. (Friday once he was quiet and I thought he had fallen asleep, I peeked into his room to find him sitting in his T-shirt and underwear with half a jar of Cetaphil cream all over his body, clothes, and bed. It was in his mouth and on his face and globbed all over the sheets. “Snow cream!” he said, rubbing a handful into the wooden bed frame.)

My only time to blog is the two days we have a babysitter, during which time I also have to go to doctor appointments, tour preschools, get haircuts, pay bills, do laundry, edit books, write, etc. etc. And in order not to go totally insane with sleep deprivation, I’ve been going to bed by 9 the past few nights (except last night was Mad Men, so I had to stick some toothpicks in my eyelids and stay up until 11. No, we don’t have TIVO), which nixes the idea of writing in the evening.

I miss my blog friends. I miss blogging, and I miss reading blogs and posting links. I have a backlog of posts half-written in my head, but until my munchkin starts sleeping better, I’ll have to settle for squeezing one or two out per week.

6 comments to Blogging Blues

  • Oh my good lord, woman! I'm an excellent sleeper, so I will do my best to send some positive sleep energy to your kiddos. (I tried giving some to Andy, but he's not taking it, so someone else may as well get use of me!)

    G'luck, and chin up. It's a phase. They'll grow up and grow out of it. (And into something else wretched, I'm sure. But hopefully something wretched that will allow you to write more! And hey, even when they're wretched, they're wonderful. That's the magic of children. :P)

  • Blogging will always be there. Don't sweat it.This is why I took 5 years off from writing: I simply could not write and parent. At least I couldn't do both and do either effectively. Plus the exhaustion. Holy God. I would bump into the walls and hardly notice.

    I wish you a good night's sleep, which is the greatest gift of all. Good luck. I totally empathize.

  • I'm sorry hon. I feel for you.

    I hope this phase passed soon.

  • Oh, how I feel for you and extend my sympathy!

    I have five-year-old twins who thankfully sleep through the night and go to bed with no fuss, but it wasn't always so. They were a month premature, had jaundice, ate every two hours (and of course had feeding issues due to prematurity) and didn't sleep more than three hours at a stretch for the first three months of their lives. And, they didn't sleep through the night until they were at least nine months old.

    In other words, the first year of their lives is a sleep-deprived blur.

    Take care of yourself. Blogging (and all your blogging buddies) will be here when you come back–rested.

    Christi Corbett

  • I totally feel your pain! I have actually wondered how you managed to do all that you seem to do while raising two young children — you seem amazingly resilient and energetic. But those weeks of not sleep definitely catch up to you. My son went through the same thing around 10 months, too — we were so frustrated! Once you get to sleep through the night you don't want to go back! But it was a phase, and it passed. Hang in there!

  • Thank you, everyone, for all the support! I am very much looking forward to the end of this phase. The only thing I'll miss is all the reading I'm getting done at 4 in the morning!