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BlogOakSphere Party

I went to my first ever blogger networking event last night at this cool new restaurant/bar in Oakland called Disco Volante. We wore name tags. We sipped cocktails. We exchanged business cards. I think I was the only blogger there writing about writing (someone said, “That’s so meta. And meta is cool.”) About half the people were blog READERS not writers, which is great because what’s the point of writing a blog if no one reads it? Anyway, a shout out to some of the bloggers I met last night:

Gene at Our Oakland. He has this cool map he created of all the neighborhoods in Oakland.

Becca “V Smoothe” of A Better Oakland, who was one of the organizers of the BlogOakSphere party.

A fellow Midwesterner whose name I forget of Oakland Space Academy, which is a blog about spaces around Oakland and not that other space up there in the sky.

Max of Big Ideas for Oakland, who proposes Oakland throws out its design restrictions in the residential neighborhoods of the flats of Oakland to stimulate development.

Lukas “Coolhand Luke” of 38th Notes, who blogs about hip-hop culture in the Bay Area.

Rachel of Vampituity, who is seeking women turning 40 in 2011 to interview for her Forty By Forty Project.

Risa of Zero to Sixty In One Year. Risa is blogging about each of her sixty years during 2011 (ie five years per month), as she turns 60 this year.

Don’t forget to sign in to Writerland in order to donate money to Free Is A Verb, an organization that helps fight human trafficking. I’m upping my donation to $2/person who signs in to my blog and $1/comment.

See you next week!

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