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“Hitting Bottom”

An article I wrote for 7×7 magazine came out today. You parents will especially appreciate this. The kid in the photo even looks a little like mine.

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11 comments to “Hitting Bottom”

  • Link worky now! I discovered today that links are case sensitive-oops! I try to remember to test them before posting, but sometimes I forget.

  • No worries, I went to your Facebook page and found the article there.

    Very funny stuff! I mean, not the disobedience or the exhaustion or the spanking, but the way you wrote about it. And don't stress about it too much, I got spanked a few times, I'm not homeless or addicted to drugs.

  • Thanks, Kristan! So glad to hear you're not homeless or addicted to drugs! (You are a writer, though, so there's always that fear 🙂

  • Congratulations!

    And it's a great essay. I have such a hard time with this topic, and I like the fact that you're treating it realistically… There was one time I spanked my son when I was under great emotional duress; at the time it seemed to be about getting an out-of-control situation under control, but later I felt like it was totally an act of desperation. I didn't like what I did, and yet I also want to have compassion for the adult me who was at the end of her rope…

    Thanks for sharing your article!

  • Karen – Thank you so much. I feel like the time I spanked my son was worth it. He doesn't pull that stuff anymore, and I can always threaten to spank him if I get desperate, and that alone does the trick. It's not ideal, and even the threats are probably bad, but he needed to learn that he can't get away with everything he wants. I guess there are no easy answers to disciplining children. And I'm sure I'll be in for far bigger challenges as he gets older (Look out teenage years!)

  • Eunice

    Hi Meghan,

    I LOVE how this essay turned out. I like how this essay provides helpful info in a narrative format for newbie parents who don't have any experience in disciplining kids.

    P.S. Shea is MUCH, MUCH cuter than the little boy pictured.

  • Cissy

    I loved this article. I spanked my son's bottom once when he was about 3 or 4 also. He is still a great kid and he is about to turn 14. I think I've only given him 3 time outs in his life. I'll share the story of one of them….

    He was in third grade and I had let him play all weekend and it was Sunday and time for homework. I told him to get started. He refused. I told him again. He was in an unusually defiant mood and refused again. I then instructed him to go and stand at the bottom of the stairs and stay there till he was ready to come up and do his homework (it is a space of about 3 by 3 feet). He came up 7 hours later.

    I checked on him several times to see if he was hungry or uncomfortable or ready to come up. He calmly said no each time and then came up when he was ready. We never had to revisit that issue again, lol.

  • Cissy – Oh man, I'm not looking forward to that level of defiance! It's tough enough getting my three-year-old to eat lately. Bedtime is no longer an issue, but now he refuses to eat most of the foods he used to love – won't even try foods he hasn't had before. I think it's all about control – them feeling like they have no say in their own lives and wanting to exert their control now and then. Can't blame them. We did the same thing when we were kids (at least I know I did.)

  • Meghan, I found you by way of the Grotto and started following you on Twitter. I keep a stack of articles (print-outs and ripped magazine pages) on my desk that I return to whenever I need inspiration. I was re-reading my stack last night including an article that had me in hysterics. I glanced at the author and realized it was your piece. So thank you, not only for all the social media tips, but the humorous writing too!

  • Catherine, Thank you for following me on Twitter (I follow you, too), for stopping by to comment, and for including my piece in your stack! So great to hear it made people laugh. I just noticed on your blog you have a Fashion Friday column. I have been planning to start a regular Fashion Friday post, too! Not about current fashion, but about stories related to my memoir, which is about modeling. I look forward to reading your blog!