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Don’t Be An iPhoney

My life is insane this week. In addition to training for a half-marathon, editing two books, and touring every kindergarten in California, I’ve been left to take care of two snot-nosed kids (literally, there are balls of snotty toilet paper all over the house) alone while my husband is out of town on a business trip. So until I regain my sanity, here’s a reminder not to be an iPhoney:

14 comments to Don’t Be An iPhoney

  • Kristan

    "He WAS a learn-ed fellow." LOL.

    The part about getting the wrong book kind of ruined it for me, since that's rare and thus makes the rest seem less credible… but I do agree with the sentiment. I try to spread my buying around!

    • meghancward

      I agree. I didn't see the point of that last bit. But the rest was great. And it's such a common occurrence to check out a book in a bookstore and then buy it online – in my case, I buy the e-book. Sad, but true.

  • Ann Best

    I remember those kinds of weeks with small children! This too shall pass…
    Like Kristan, I try to support more than one bookstore, especially the brick and mortar ones.

  • Suddenly having a fight with my 13 y.o. about whose fault it was that she forgot to make her lunch for school seems less crappy – I would not want to go back to those days and will send you good thoughts for no more kiddie colds. As for the vid – I am a diehard fan of my local indie bookstore and have been there when someone pulls this exact routine – the proprietress and every other shopper sending them death ray stares. Who will they describe the Big Head book to if all the bricks and mortar stores go out of business?

    • meghancward

      Nancy, so glad you give those iPhonies death ray stares. And even gladder that you frequent your local indie bookstore. I'm curious to know how much Google e-books will cost through Pegasus. Will find out this weekend.

  • I worked in bookstores for many years, and those customers are unfortunately kind of typical.

    "Do you have that book…you know the one that was on Oprah last week? I don't know the title. Or the author's name. But she had on this little pink dress…Don't you watch Oprah? You should."

    Me: "No, I don't watch daytime TV. I have this, um, job in a bookstore…Do you remember what the cover looked like?"

    "It might have been blue. Or yellow."

    If the iPhone crap had happened after I completed my feat of mind-reading, I would have been homicidal.

    I agree that the video lost power with the last scene. A better scene would have been a "Going out of Business" sign on the store.

    • meghancward

      Good idea for a better ending, Anne! You should write one of those online cartoon skits about a customer in a bookstore. What the heck are those things called?

  • jackie

    kindergarten already??? wowzer.

    • meghancward

      Well, we really have another year before kindergarten, but I wanted to get an idea ahead of time what the schools were like, so we aren't trying to make big decisions last minute before the lottery next Feb.

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