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Valentine for a Writer

To all my writer friends and followers out there, here’s a valentine for you:

You’ve spent days, weeks, months, and years
Gallantly confronting your writerly fears
The blinking cursor, like the blank page
Is daunting to writers at every stage
But you never give up, you keep trudging on
You’re the hero of your journey, you’re a paragon
Of persistence, determination, and commitment to your art
But stave off the hubris before you start
To get published because even then,
You’ll never have time to put down your pen
Once you’ve outlined, written, revised and queried
The agent call comes but now you’re hurried
To edit and market, to Facebook and Twitter
This social media stuff is making you bitter
You don’t have time to read, write, or eat
You look like a zombie, you sleep on your feet
But soon all your efforts will pay off in spades
And you’ll no longer need all those anti-sleep aids
Your book will come out, your dream will come true
The world will look rose and no longer blue
But don’t wait for that day to take a break
To go for a walk, maybe bake a cake
Because what you need is some R+R
To celebrate the brightest star
In your life—no, it’s not me; it’s you
And all of the wonderful things that you do
It’s Valentine’s Day, so celebrate
Because you’re fantastic, stupendous, and great!
Eat some chocolate, drink some wine
Then ask yourself, “Would you be mine?”
I bet (s)he will answer “yes” “ya” or “oui”
Or perhaps “hai”—that’s Japanese for “si”
And now it is time for this poem to end
It’s finished now; it has been penned
I just have one last thing to say
And that is, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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