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The Writerland Challenge FINAL CHECK-IN

Congratulations, Writerland Challengers, on making it to the FINAL CHECKIN! Although not all of you have checked in every week, and those who have deserve extra kudos, everyone who signed up the first week was entered into the drawing for a free box of homemade English toffee made my moi. Just a warning: It’s really damn addictive, and you risk eating the entire box in one sitting, so if you would prefer a writerly looking paper weight from Pottery Barn, I can send you that instead. The winner of the drawing, chosen at random through (first I put everyone’s names into a randomizer that assigned each person a number, then I had a second randomizer choose a number. That number was 17, and number 17) is …

Brian Meeks!

You may know him as Extremely Average, but he’s not. What he is, however, is the lucky winner of some extremely unaverage English toffee.

And now, Writerland Challengers, for our final check-in. How did it go? Did you make your goal? If not, what did you learn about yourself in the process? WHat do you need to do differently next time to make sure you don’t fall short?

If you’re wondering how I did, can I just say that my post next week will be about the benefits of failure? Nope. Didn’t finish my book proposal. In fact, I didn’t write a damn word since the day before Thanksgiving. I’ve been in a tryptophan coma ever since. But all that’s going to change in December as I embark on the Supertastic Winter Holiday Challenge! Never heard of it? Me neither! But I’m sure there’s one out there, and I’m going to find it.

Please let us know how you did. And Happy December!

13 comments to The Writerland Challenge FINAL CHECK-IN

  • Kristan

    Congrats to Brian on the toffee! He should do a guest post on it. 😛

    Unfortunately I didn't accomplish much in Nov, especially not toward the end (with both my birthday and the Thanksgiving week distracting me). BUT in a way, that week was really important because (a) it refreshed me, and (b) via talk of holiday gifts and such, it reminded me of my incredible privilege — and more importantly, the responsibility that goes along with it.

    So I'm turning things around in Dec. Or at least, that's the plan. 😉

    • meghancward

      Me, too, Kristan! Let's turn it around together during Sierra Godfrey's Supertastic Winter Holiday Challenge this month!

  • As mentioned in the check in last week, I am happy to run a Winter challenge to keep us going. My final result for the Writerland challenge is that I did everything I wanted to do–but then found MORE, so I need to keep going! If peeps are interested, I'll run the Supertastic Winter Holiday Challenge for December.

  • Risa

    Congratulations to the winner! Is there any chance for a sample piece of toffee as a consolation prize? My editor really liked the essay I wrote and I need some kind of reward that isn't made by Weight Watchers… But this was a good exercise in being accountable, and I liked it very much. Thanks, Meghan!

    • meghancward

      Risa, I just have to warn you. One piece of toffee will make you want six more. But I'd be happy to send you a mini sample when I make my next batch! Nuts or no nuts?

  • I am jealous, Brian! Enjoy! I am happy to report that I did make two of my goals – one excerpt from my memoir is being published (I just got the contract on Friday), and another one is off to an editor friend for feedback. I didn't make goal #3, namely drafting applications to two writers residencies, but those are less work than the rewriting of chapters into standalone essays, so I'm confident I can tackle those soon. In any case, thanks, Meghan, for hosting this fun challenge!

    • It sounds like you did great, Annette! I was doing well for the first three weeks and then got sidetracked with Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to Sierra's Winter Challenge this month!

  • Maia

    My thanks, too, for putting together this challenge. It helped push me to go a little bit farther on some of those tired days.

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