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Merry Christmas!

To all the Writerland Challengers, I apologize for dropping off the Internet this past month. I have Heath Toffee for our winner, to be announced next week. And to everyone celebrating Christmas today, Merry Christmas!

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6 comments to Merry Christmas!

  • annerallen

    Happy Boxing Day! I hope your Christmas was merry.

  • Happy Boxing Day to you, Anne!

  • Hi Meghan,
    I was very naughty, I'm afraid, during Christmas time as far as writing goes, but I'm full of determination now, at the beginning of 2014. Just wondering if the writing challenge is still on? I apologize if I've missed posts on it. If anything was on Twitter, then I've definitely missed it: Twitter just doesn't seem to be my thing..not just yet at least.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with happy writing!

  • Alexandra,

    The 2013 Writerland Challenge is over, but I could use another challenge myself soon–maybe in February. I'll keep you posted!

    • Oops..sorry, I thought it would stretch into the new year. I wrote a few paragraphs of my longish story-novella today, and that made me so happy! I was totally stuck for many months, so it felt really good to be able to write again, even if it was just a handful of words.
      Look forward to your next challenge,
      Sasha (short for Alexandra)