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Memoir Monday: A History

I’m reading Memoir: A History, which, like most books I read these days, is taking me weeks because every time I get into bed and open the book, about three pages in I’m sound asleep. But this is a great book that covers everything from the very first autobiographies to the present day Six-Word Memoirs […]

Memoir Monday: Seven Tips for Writing a Great Memoir

It’s going to be Tuesday by the time I get this post out, but it must be Monday somewhere in the world? In Hawaii maybe? Alaska? Today, since it’s past my bedtime, here are seven tips for writing a great memoir. I’ll go into them more in depth in the coming weeks.

1. Don’t worry […]

Memoir Monday

I’m going to start blogging about the process of memoir writing, a process I have become all too familiar with these past – eh hem – “couple” of years. This week, I’ll talk about tense.

It’s a difficult decision whether to write your memoir in past or present tense. I wrote mine in past and […]