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What is your social media influence score? (And does it matter?)

You’re working on building your author platform. You’re blogging, you’re tweeting, you’re Linked In, and you’re posting to your Facebook author page. But how can you tell if all those hours spent on the social media treadmill are having an impact?

On your blog, you can monitor how many unique visitors and page views […]

The Author Platform

The two most talked about topics on publishing blogs these days are e-books (ie when are you getting one?) and author platforms (ie why don’t you have one?). I’ve covered e-books, now on to platforms. Six months ago, I didn’t know what a platform was. Had never heard the term before. And now, it seems […]

Interim Vook Report

I’m not done reading my Vook, but I’m going to give a halfway report. First of all, the vook I bought is Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It. Although I’d never heard of Vaynerchuk before I bought the vook, I’m a sucker for all social media literature at the moment, and his looked genuinely interesting. Now that […]