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Library E-books

I love my iPad, and I’m reading more books now that I can download them instantly and read them in bed at night with the lights off, but one of the downsides (besides the difficulty of reading in bright sunlight of buying ebooks is that you can’t resell them, buy them used, or lend them […]

iPad Update

So now that I’ve had a little more time to read books on the iPad, here are some thoughts:


It’s VERY easy to buy a book. It’s easier through iBooks, but it’s not difficult through Amazon either. I haven’t tried the B&N app yet. Just one click and you own it. And you’re reading. […]

nook can wait

I tested nook today! And I was disappointed. I thought I wanted one for Christmas, but now I think I’ll wait to see what goodness the Apple Tablet brings. I do think we’ll all have e-readers eventually. But I also think they have a ways to go before they’ll really be able to compete with […]


George Consagra, the COO of came to the Grotto for lunch this past June. If you don’t know what Scribd (pronouncd “Scribbed”) is, it started two years ago as a YouTube for documents, and in May transformed into an iTunes for documents as members became able to name their price for material they uploaded. […]