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Forget NaNoWriMo—Take the 2013 Writerland Challenge

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Let’s Set Our Own Writing Goals This Month

Yesterday marked the first day of the 15th annual National Novel Writing Month, and I wish all participants the very best success. Today marks the first […]

Five Things I’ve Learned About Memoir Writing

1. Your protagonist (you) should be 80-90% sympathetic with only a few flaws.

I used to think that the more flawed a character was, the more people would be able to relate to him/her. I quickly learned that too many flaws make a character unlikable. Readers don’t want to read 200-300 pages about a […]

Are you a slow writer or a fast writer?

I’m continually amazed by stories like Tawna Fenske’s who “In the last eight years [has] written nine full manuscripts and six partials.” Whoa! In the last eight years I have written exactly ONE memoir and revised the hell out of it and still haven’t finished it. Sure, I earned an MFA, got married, and had […]

Link Love

It’s been three weeks since I posted links! So here we go …

In random tech/social media news: Here are 10 Tips for being awesome online, a post on how to get more Twitter followers, and the best book editors on Twitter.

In all things iPad: From the New York Review of books, the iPad […]

Just for fun

From Christine over at 80,000 Words, who pointed out to me that I already posted a link to this video, although I never actually watched it. I so want that dog to bonk that guy on the head!

No NaNoWriMo for me

Yesterday (Nov. 1) began the 2009 edition of National Novel Writing Month, better known as NaNoWriMo. I love the name, and the T-shirts, and I think the concept is terrific. It’s an exciting month for writers, a time to band together and put your all into cranking out 50,000 words of a first draft of […]