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Link Love

A quick post-Thanksgiving roundup of links today.

My favorite this week was an inspiring post over at Market My Words about how she (Shelli) went from having no blog followers and many rejection letters to having 350+ followers and a book deal in just one year.

Nathan Bransford has a fabulous post about the top ten myths about e-readers.

At Media Bistro, one writer talks about how she uses search optimization tools for book publicity.

Rachelle Gardner’s guest blogger, Jim Rubart, is doing a four-part series on marketing at Rants and Ramblings.

Jessica at Book Ends Literary Agency talks about
the difference between writers who write for the sake of writing and writers who write to get published.

And finally, a video that has been making the rounds (here via Media Bistro and The Rumpus). From the New Zealand Book Council, the best book trailer ever:

3 comments to Link Love

  • m++

    Wow, that is a phenomenal book trailer. It rivals multi-million dollar movie trailers or car commercials… Wonder how much it cost and how effective it has been. Is the book council NZ government sponsored?

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