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The Perfect Rejection

Rejections are no fun. Especially form rejections. Every day you read Nathan Bransford’s blog and you feel like you know him, like you’re BUDS. You comment on his blog, you fill out the surveys, you post stuff in the forums, and he even responds to your comments now and then. He offers great advice to […]

Link Love

Agent Kirsty McLaughlan, guest blogging for Strictly Writing, gives seven tips for getting an agent.

From the Guardian via Elizabeth at Fog City Writer, is crowfunding the way of the future?

Also from the Guardian, is your reading suffering from multimedia overload?

Agent Rachelle Gardner warns writers to think hard before self-publishing while editor Alan […]

Link Love

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the point of ice dancing? The figure skating competitions were so much better. At least now I can get some work done (until Tuesday, when the women’s figure skating begins). And now for some links!

Here is some recommended reading for writers considering an MFA.

A great […]

Link Love

Lots of great links this week!

Editor Alan Rinzler has tips for blending the backstory into your novel or memoir.

Both Kristan Hoffman and Rachelle Gardner’s guest blogger Rachel Starr Thompson ask Why Do You Write?

And lots of query letter advice this week!

Agent Nathan Bransford suggests you query in batches, not all at […]

Dealing With Rejection

Today I want to talk about rejection and how we, as writers, deal with it. When I was modeling in Europe (MANY years ago), I went on castings nearly every day. If I did 20 castings in a week and got two jobs out of those, I was doing pretty well (two jobs a week […]

Link Love

A quick post-Thanksgiving roundup of links today.

My favorite this week was an inspiring post over at Market My Words about how she (Shelli) went from having no blog followers and many rejection letters to having 350+ followers and a book deal in just one year.

Nathan Bransford has a fabulous post about the […]

Link Love

It’s tradition on writing/editing/publishing blogs to show your link love every Friday. Here are some highlights from this week:

According to agent Kristen Nelson, “really good might not be good enough” in this market.

Via agent Janet Reid, here is Tom’s Glossary of Book Publishing Terms. Funny!

After publishing blogs lit up over the Harlequin […]