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Link Love

There’s been a lot of talk about slow blogging lately, including a great post from Anne Allen on why quality if more important than quantity, another from Sierra on why she’s switching from five days a week to three days a week, and yet another by Roni, who’s also switching from five days a week to three. It turns out that—guess what—people have LIVES outside of blogging! I find that there are weeks I can blog every day, and there are other weeks I have trouble getting one post out. So to be more consistent, I’m going to post once a week (on Monday or Tuesday; I haven’t decided which yet) with intermittent Friday Link Loves and the occasional additional post when something inspires me. This will free up more time for a) Writing b) Reading other blogs, and c) Sleeping. I also find that my favorite blogs are the ones that post less often because their posts tend to be more original and more in depth than those that post every day. I mean, really, who can write about writing every day and not get repetitive? I don’t need to read fifty posts about how to write a query letter. And none of us should feel guilty for having lives outside of blogging. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have anything to blog about!

Now it’s time for links!

First up, Laura Fraser explores the politics of Chick Lit and Dude Lit at The Daily Beast. This is a FANTASTIC post. Read it!

Agent Nathan Bransford warns of the “pernicious momentum of first ideas”.

Agent Rachelle Gardener gives tips on author headshots (Remember Monday I said I thought every writer/blogger needed one?)

Both Jodie Renner and Simon L. Carter wrote excellent posts on how to format dialogue and write dialogue tags.

Jessica at Book Ends asks what makes a classic?

Jenn posits that playing World of Warcraft will make you a better networker (don’t tell my husband that!)

Michael Hyatt offers four surprising conclusions about author websites (be sure to have your own website graded on

Writer’s Digest’s digital Big 10 Issue is out. I have yet to read a magazine on my iPad, but I’m going to download this one.

Chilean artists released a bomb of poems on Berlin Tuesday, so I’m going to bomb you with a poem, too. Written by my friend Matthew Zapruder, I give you Pocket.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

11 comments to Link Love

  • I love Fridays because they always give me such great links to look up. Thank yo.


  • Lol, Anne has started a slow blogging revolution! Thanks for linking to my post and for the other link suggestions. 🙂

  • Cool, thanks for the links. I'm blogging less because I'm working more (not on fiction, unfortunately). I'll be bombing queries all over Manhattan next week, though, so I'll probably blog about that.

  • Clarissa – you're welcome!

    Roni – Thanks for the RT, and awesome that your website scored a 94! I'm jealous! (But that also gives me something to strive for).

    Travener – a query bomb – I love it! I'll be dropping a query bomb in November, I hope. Good luck to you!

  • Yep, I switched to MWF a while back and LOVE it. Occasionally I'll switch up a Tues for a Mon, or a Thurs for a Fri, or something, but basically it's the 3 days that allow me more time, flexibility, and yes, QUALITY in content. 🙂

  • Thanks for the mention! Great list of links as always, and I tried the web site grader….it was humbling indeed! (76%).

  • Thanks for the mention. Great links! Slow blogging rules!

  • Kristan – I can't even do a MWF right now, but once to twice a week is working for me!

    Sierra – Mine is frighteningly low despite decent traffic to my site. I think it's because my blog isn't linked to my main site right now, something I plan to fix VERY soon!

    Anne – Thank You for the slow blogging post!

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