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Litquake + The Writers’ Grotto

I hope those of you who are Bay Area Writers are attending readings at Litquake, San Francisco’s Literary Festival, this week. If you haven’t yet, there’s still time! The festival ends Saturday, culminating in the super-awesome Lit Crawl during which nearly 400 writers will read their work in 60 different venues throughout the Mission District of San Francisco. There are three one-hour time slots (6:00-7:00, 7:15-8:15, and 8:30-9:30), so you’ll have to choose which readings you can make, or drop in to two or three each hour. I’ll be reading a new piece I recently wrote with five other writers from the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto during the 7:15-8:15 time slot upstairs at the Elbow Room. Our topic: Disobedience. Come check it out! Litquake is fun!

And in the spirit of all the readings going on this week, here’s another from the Writers’ Grotto Open House, which took place on Sept. 16. This one is from Li Miao Lovett, who has a novel coming out next month. Enjoy!

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