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Survey Results: How Writers Support Themselves

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the survey. You guys are awesome. Here are the results:

Sixty-five writers took the survey. Of those, 42% are novelists, 18% are nonfiction and/or memoir writers, and the rest are broken down below. 43% of the writers support themselves through non-writing-related jobs (see below for a […]

How To Support Your Writing Career

There is no one way to support yourself while building your writing career. Many people have full-time non-writing-related jobs. Some people teach writing. Some people have spouses who support them. Others freelance write and edit. Still others are lucky enough to make a living selling books. Next week, I will examine different options writers can […]

Equal Parts Criticism and Praise?

In the comments section of my post on How to Critique Other Writers’ Work, a debate ensues. When using the sandwich approach (two slices of positive feedback with a glob of criticism in the middle), do the positive and critical parts of your sandwich need to be equal? If a manuscript needs a lot of […]

You Tell Me

I know I’m not the first blogger to ask this question, but would you still write if you knew you were never going to be published? I find this question impossible to answer because I am DETERMINED to get published, even if it means self-publishing (although, does that count when anyone can self-publish?) I guess […]