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11 Twitter Tips

Because I’m going to be teaching a class on Social Media at the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto next month, I’ll be blogging more about social media in the coming weeks. Today: 10 Twitter Tips.

1. Choose a Twitter handle that people will remember. Whether it’s your name (@charliesheen, @meghancward), a cute nickname (@ Mc_Huge, @iamnatedavis), […]

Author Interview: Josh McHugh

Josh McHugh is the president of Attention Span Media, the social media studio behind two of the most-watched web series of all time, Dorm Life and Simon Fuller’s If I Can Dream. Josh’s experience at the intersection of technology, media and business began 14 years ago at Forbes Magazine, where he chronicled the brainiacs […]

If I Can Dream

Those of us who are still suffering from the adolescent need to be cool (like the high school kids who come to our house on Halloween talking on their cell phones and wearing nothing but a wig or a mask), may be afraid to admit that you want to be successful writers, that they want […]