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Link Love

I WILL return to blogging regularly again soon. It’s been a busy week with having turned the big 4-0 (what with all the wine to drink, cake to eat, and massages to be had). So while I set to coasting down the proverbial hill, here are a few links for you:

The Guardian’s Ten Rules for Writing Fiction Part One and Part Two.

A fabulous article on the future of publishing from Jason Epstein in the New York Review of Books.

Editor Alan Rinzler quotes James Scott Bell’s advice on using a voice journal to make sure your character’s voice is not your own.

If you’re looking for people to follow on Twitter, here is Galley Cat’s list of the best book editors on Twitter.

Also from Galley Cat, as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland premiered today (I can’t wait to see it!), here is a brief history of Alice in Wonderland book reviews.

Tribal Writer explores what makes a story go viral.

And Jessica at Book Ends Literary Agency, posts her updated Publishing Dictionary.

Happy Weekend!

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