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Thank You!

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a thankful post! We’re all so busy striving, striving, striving to achieve more, have more, do more, be more that we sometimes forget to appreciate what we have. So today I’m going to share a few things in my life that I’m grateful for. I am grateful for my baby girl who makes me smile every day with her “hi!”s and “bah bye!”s and her big eight-toothed smile. I am grateful for my son who is so full of energy and curiosity and enthusiasm for life. I am grateful for my super-awesome husband who supports my writing career even though it costs me more than it earns. I am grateful for my health, that I can run and jump and dance and spin. I am grateful for my home, which is full of color and lights and warmth and food and books and toys. I am grateful for my friends, who are caring and giving and creative and fun. I am grateful for my family, who is eternally generous and loving and supportive and kind. I am grateful for my blog buddies, who give feedback on my writing and leave comments and follow my blog so I don’t feel like a big loser who is blogging to the air. You guys are all awesome, and I appreciate every one of you! I am grateful for all sorts of other random things like kettle corn and falling leaves and little paper turkeys made from the trace of a hand. I am grateful for the food we are going to eat tomorrow and all the family activities we have planned this weekend. I am grateful that I can write, that I’m able to communicate my thoughts and feelings so others can read them and be inspired to write their own.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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