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Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas or another holiday this week, Happy Holidays! I won’t be online much over the weekend, but I’ll be back next Tuesday and Thursday with two great new posts. Meanwhile, what is your favorite holiday tradition? Stringing popcorn? (I did that once when I was a kid and gave up after drawing blood six times.) Drinking mulled wine? (That’s one of my favorites.) Baking peanut butter blossom cookies? Sledding? Making paper snowflakes? These are all my favorites! And my favoritest of all is watching this scene from A Year Without A Santa Claus:

8 comments to Happy Holidays, Everyone!

  • mainecharacter

    Funny that you should choose that video – years ago I had this distinct memory from childhood of a song about a Heat Miser and a Cold Miser, but I couldn't remember what it was from. And then we got cable, and I finally discovered it again.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Up until the age of 12, we used to go to my mother's parent's house in Ohio. That was 36 years ago and it is still my favorite tradition. On year, grandpa hooked up his horse to the sleigh. Yes, he had a sleigh. My sister and I rode in the sleigh with grandpa and we met everyone down by the river, where we had a roaring fire. We ice skated on the river and had the best Christmas eve I can remember.

    • meghancward

      Brian, that sounds AMAZING! I sometimes do miss white Christmases. My family in Michigan is always disappointed when it doesn't snow for Christmas, and they have a sledding hill down the street. I never rode in a sleigh as a kid, but my sister lived on a lake, and we would shovel the snow so we could ice skate. There's nothing better than ice skating on a lake! Now I'm just waiting for it to snow in Tahoe so I can take my kids sledding. Think we'll have to wait for winter break at this point 🙁

  • Happy Festivus to you!

  • Jon

    Happy Holidays to you too!

  • abidalilliane

    Well its kind of late to greet you Merry Christmas and a Happy new year I hope that this upcoming year will be a successful year for your endeavor.
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