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Portrait of a Model as a Young Girl

So here I am stuck up in the woods with no one and nothing to do but work on my book for four days. So far it’s going great except that I’m going to gain ten pounds because I have a houseful of junk food, and it’s raining too hard to go running. In a […]

POL: I need your help!

I met with a friend the other night who really thinks I need to start my book, a memoir titled Paris On Less Than $10,000 a Day, earlier, before I arrive in Paris, to give the reader a sense of who I was before I began modeling and how and why I got into modeling. […]

Learning to write from bad writing

When I was at the Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference several years ago, I heard a couple of community college English teachers lamenting the effects of reading bad writing on their creative writing. They counseled me against teaching at that level. Right now I’m reading an awful book. Just awful. It’s a modeling memoir, and I’m […]

POL—The Motivation

I’ve had a terrible time figuring out how to BEGIN my book—when I arrive in Paris to begin modeling? In San Francisco when the agent proposes I go? At home in Michigan with my family? (To show my reasons for leaving). I’ve played with each of those scenarios and none has quite worked. One of […]