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Link Love

Here are links to my favorite writing and publishing blog posts this week:

Jade Park wrote a great post about rejection.

This news is a month old already, but I still find it fascinating that a Georgia court awarded a woman $100,000 after she claimed that a childhood friend portrayed her as an “alcoholic slut” in her novel. NOVEL. As in FICTION.

Sierra Godfrey talks about finding the nerve to submit your manuscript.

JA Konrath at a Newbie’s Guide to Publising makes 11 e-book predictions for 2011, many of which I agree with. (In fact, it’s prediction number four that makes me hesitant to get nook because I know the next generation of e-readers will have video to accommodate Vooks and other multimedia.)

Here’s a quote from a great post about the Rick Moody Twitter saga: “So much of the dialog that happens on Twitter and on the literary blogs feels masturbatory to me. It’s the same couple hundred people talking about the same issues to the same audience. Is that what I’ve been doing these past few years? Is that what the book business is at this point? If it is, then to quote the modern day philosopher Bunk Moreland “We ain’t about much.” Bunk Moreland, for those of you don’t know, is a character on the best TV drama ever written, The Wire.

Via Nathan Bransford, are unhappy writers better writers?

From Mashable, the journalist’s guide to maximizing social media ROI.

From Media Bistro, search optimization tools for book publicity.

Say good-bye to Borders UK.

And last but not least, as a mother of a toddler who loves both books and iPhone games, this video that I found through Upstart Crow is pretty awesome (and I love the song!):

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  • Mmmmm I m tempted to revert to the cliche of how the greatest of arts have come out of tortured souls, alcoholics, substance abusers – composers, painters, writers, rockstars… The list is endless – anger is the best stimulus for me cuz it makes me wanna prove the person who got me mad in the first place – wrong! Although this article is about the… See More mild blues helping creativity – in my post 35 yrs the most imp thing for me is to strive to be content – than bluesy and produce some fruitful creative endeavour . At the end of the day, my clearest thinking comes at moments when I am most content – although negative emotions have been a good seed bed for the initial idea. 😉 .