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Link Love

Links for this week!

Sierra Godfrey takes on my favorite word, “defenestrate” in her Word Up Wednesday.

Nathan Bransford, as usual, has some astute observations about the publishing industry. This week he discusses the impact the Amazon Macmillan “missile crisis” will have on people with e-readers and the possibility that people could pay less for a Kindle book that they read on an iPad than for that same book bought through Apple’s iBooks store.

Shelli at Market My Words has a very valuable interview with agent Rachel Gardner on social networking in 15 minutes a day, and another fabulous post on lessons about querying agents and editors learned from The Bachelor.

Editor Alan Rinzler has a comprehensive post on how HOT YA lit is right now.

If you’re looking to add a little multimedia to your day, Joanna at The Creative Penn has a podcast that will answer all your questions about author platforms and book marketing. And you get to hear it in her fabulous British accent.

INTERN has begun a new internship at which she observes the Stepford Wife-ish homogeneity of the intern staff.

Bay Area writer Ethan Watters writes 10 things you need to know before going on the Daily Show. Great post, and great interview on the Daily Show!

Christine at 80,000 Words has a great post on how running can help your writing. Check it out!

And a joke from agent Rachel Gardner’s blog:

How many agents does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Agent 1: Sorry, we’re not accepting screw in light bulbs anymore. Bayonets only, and we only get them from the store.

Agent 2: We considered your light bulb but it’s a bit too modern. Have you tried turning it into a candle?

A3: Loved your light bulb. Great light. Lots of illumination. Unfortunately, the agency’s decided to remain in the dark indefinitely.

Have a great weekend! I will be 1) running 8 miles 2) skiing if I can still walk after running 8 miles 3) writing every chance I get.

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