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How much did you write this week?

The original Writerland (a website I created for a class in my MFA program back in 2005) was very different from this one. It didn’t have a blog. Instead, it had a page for people to sign in and log how many hours they wrote each week, and it had forums, lots of forums. The original Writerland didn’t last long. I kept getting all these Russian spammers signing up as members and posting advertising links, and I got tired of deleting them. I needed to create an approval process for members, but before that happened, my husband lost the entire site. DON’T let your friend/husband/partner host your site on his own computer! His computer died and with it, Writerland. Anyway, I hope to add some of those original features again someday, but in the meantime, how many hours did you write this week? I wrote a pathetic four, and my goal is 10-12 per week. I won’t get into why I’m slacking, but I AM slacking. And this quote from this fabulous article that Kristan mentioned in Link Love comments is a reminder that we’re here to write, not spend all day tweeting and blogging:

“Writers now use words like “track” and “mid-list” and “brand” and “platform.” They tweet and blog and make Facebook friends in the time they used to spend writing. Authors who stumble can find themselves quickly in dire straits. How, under these conditions, can a writer take the risks required to create something original and resonant and true?”

2 comments to How much did you write this week?

  • Yay I'm glad you liked the link! That was one of the lines I "highlighted" for myself too. 🙂

    Hmm… I will substitute in "outlining" for "writing," but even so my hours this week aren't good. Probably 4-6? Grr. And I can't get to the writing until I finish the outlining! Okay okay, you've guilted me. Off to work now…

  • m++

    I feel so guilty for losing the original. Home IT #fail. I think an added lesson beyond "host in the cloud" (which is much easier these days than it was in 2005) is to *backup your website*. This includes all the MySQL, which isn't easy, but also not impossible (see mysqldump….. Even a wordpress blog like this one is susceptible, though a decent hosting provider should have you covered.