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Link Love


The Wall Street Journal has a great article about vanity press going digital.

Meg Waite Clayton has a great series of posts on how writers get started. Start with Part I and read all six!

After the New Yorker released its 20 Under 40 list (I’m honored to know three of them—Daniel Alarcón, Yiyun Li, and ZZ Packer—Ward Six released a 10 Over 80 list, including Beverly Cleary, Harper Lee, and Elmore Leonard. Check them both out!

Rachelle Gardner at Rants & Ramblings has an inspirational post for writers eager to get published. And her guest blogger, Susan DiMikele, says there is no good time to write.

JD Moyer teaches you how to get luckier, and, what a coincidence, Meg Waite Clayton’s guest blogger Julie Compton writes about luck, too!

Simon over at Constant Revision has a fabulous post on the cycle of blogging.

A friend sent me this great New York Times article on 50 Fancy Words. Thanks Herzel!

Samuel Park has a great post on why writers irrationally dislike their WIPs.

And Sierra Godfrey has an interview with New York Times bestselling author Allison Winn Scotch.

Have a great (HOT if you’re in the Bay Area) weekend!

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  • Hah! I wish I were in the Bay Area.

  • Thanks for the love Meghan….and some great posts here that i hadn't seen. Looking now!

  • Skill is good but there still needs to be a bit of luck in it.

    Have a great weekend wherever your at.

  • The luck links appear to be broken…? :'(

  • The luck links appear to be broken…? How unlucky. :'(

  • (Oops! You can delete my first comment, and this one. Or, if you leave them all up, I can just look silly. :P)

  • Kristan- thanks for pointing out the broken links. I usually check them all before posting but got lazy this time. They're all fixed now (including Rachelle Gardner's).

    Desk49 – Have a great weekend to you! I'm in Berkeley, CA!

    Sierra – Thanks for stopping by!

    Travener – You won't wish you're in the Bay Area when the BIG ONE hits!

  • Thanks for linking me, good lady! Three virtual Long Island Iced Teas for you! And some virtual chocolate eclairs. Yes. Four or five of those. 🙂

    Your post on branding was great too, btw.

    Happy Friday!

  • Thank you so much for the virtual eclairs, Simon! Too bad I ate all five at once. My avatar gained five pounds.

  • Dont anyone out there ever trust a jew. It will cost you. They rely on gullibility and naivety . Be what they hate the most, and fear the most. A well informed, aware and pissed off human being, focused totally on them.

  • Yes you are right, the argument in defence of Danny Boyle on the point remains, we are in complete agreement over that. I was just placing on the record my response to Rushdies rant, which you posted for the record on this thread. Cheers.

  • The best player I see on that list is probably Jim Kern, who got three straight all-star selections as a reliever, and actually received some Cy Young consideration in 1979.

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