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Meghan’s Intermittent Link Love

First of all, I’m sad that Bloglines is going out of business, and I need to transfer my feeds FAST because I just got notice, and they’re closing at the end of the month. I know all you cool cats probably use Google Reader, but then I don’t think that Google Reader existed when I started subscribing to feeds (implication: I am cool, too, because I was subscribing to feeds before Google Reader even existed). So if you’re using Bloglines, don’t forget to transfer your feeds. I’m hoping the process won’t require me to retype 200 URLS. That would make me cry.

And now, links!

First up, meet Nelson, Coupland, and Alice, IDEO’s visions of the future of the book. Then read this wonderful blog post that responds by asking, “What is a book?”

Next we have a fabulous book trailer for Steve Johnson’s Where Good Idea’s Come From (although now that I’ve seen the trailer, I don’t feel the need to buy the book, so I’m not sure the trailer was effective.)

This is a video link day because now I have an interview with the amazing Yiyun Li after she was named a MacArthur fellow Monday. The MacArthur Fellowships, also known as the “genius awards,” include a $500,000 award to use any way the recipient pleases. It’s every writer’s dream to be both critically acclaimed AND make money, and Yiyun has accomplished both at a very young age. Yiyun, by the way, was my thesis advisor when I did my MFA at Mills College. She’s incredibly humble and sweet and an absolutely fabulous writer if you haven’t read her work yet. Her latest book of short stories Gold Boy, Emerald Girl is out now.

If you’re in the Bay Area, Litquake starts today! Litquake is San Francisco’s weeklong literary festival, which means published local authors will be reading their works all throughout the week, culminating in the fabulous Lit Crawl Saturday, Oct. 9 during which almost 400 authors will read in 60 different venues between 6 and 9:30 p.m. Litquake is AWESOME, and you MUST attend! I’ll be reading with other Grottoites from 7:15-8:15 at the Elbow Room the night of the Crawl, 847 Valencia St. Come!

Speaking of Grottoites, congratulations to Stephen Elliott, whose memoir The Adderall Diaries, has been optioned by James Franco, who plans to write, direct, and star in the film!

Last but not least, this is unrelated to writing but so damn funny if you’re a parent (especially in the Bay Area) that I had to post it. And it will give you a glimpse of what my life is like on my non-writing days:

I was sick this past week, but will be posting more videos from the Grotto Open House soon. Have a great weekend, and if you have any favorite links this week, please post then in comments. I’d love to check them out!

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