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Writerland Pledge Drive

In addition to my regularly scheduled post this week, I’d like to announce the first ever Writerland Pledge Drive! Just like on NPR, we at Writerland need to interrupt our regularly scheduled posts now and then to ask our readers to donate in order to keep Writerland alive. Writerland does not accept cash, checks, or credit cards, however. Writerland only accepts new followers and comments. And if you’re wondering what the special occasion is, there are three:

1. Writerland was one year old, uh, a couple months ago and completely forgot to celebrate!
2. Writerland reached 100 followers a while back and what would a blog be without a 100-followers Pledge Drive?
3. Last but not least, Writerland missed out on the Heifer International drive and other worthy causes over the holidays and really wants to get involved.

So here’s an opportunity to help Writerland celebrate its anniversary and to donate to a good cause. For every comment on this post and for every new follower to this blog I will donate $1 to a fabulous organization called Free Is A Verb. Founded by my amazing friends Laura and Nate Davis, who are spending the year volunteering their time in the Philippines right now, Free Is A Verb is an organization that fights human trafficking. If you’ve ever seen any of those movies about human trafficking, they’ll make your stomach turn. If you haven’t, you should because it’s much more prevalent than you would imagine. Especially right here in San Francisco. So please, please, PLEASE tweet, retweet, blog, reblog, Facebook, reFacebook and all that other good stuff to get the word out about the Writerland Pledge Drive. Together we can make a difference!

Don’t let this happen to you:

Writerland Pledge Drive from Meghan Ward on Vimeo.

Because we at Writerland strive to be as unhappy as possible , we seek

32 comments to Writerland Pledge Drive

  • Well, I'm already a follower, but happy to comment for a good cause. Cute and useful video, too!

  • Congrats on the milestones. It sounds like Free Is A Verb is a great opportunity to change a horrible situation. Best of luck with the fundraiser.

  • Elena

    What a great cause to promote! Congratulations on over a year online and 100 followers. I've just signed in 🙂

  • Lt. Cccyxx – if anyone has heard Ira Glass's phone calls during pledge drives on NPR, they'll "get" this!

    Tara – thank you! I wish I could do more, but every bit helps!

    Elena – Thank you for signing in! You rock! And thanks for the comment!

  • Aditi raychoudhury

    Ugh! Yes, I have read and watched documentaries on the subject – horrible horrible – and the saddest part is that these women, girls are often trafficked by their own families for far less than a days wage here/ kudos, Meghan, for spreading the word! I hope that Nate and Laura are able to achieve what they set out to do!

  • Aditi raychoudhury

    Happy one yr anniversary – looking forward to celebrating many more

  • Holy cow, finally a sentence that directly leads to MONEY. And who said writing doesn't pay? Shame on them. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Writerland.

  • Sean Ward

    Go Meghan, this sounds like a very good cause and one that does not get enough attention. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary and hope for many more. Our society could sure use an overhaul.

  • Thank you, Aditi, for your comments and support! I saw a couple human trafficking movies a few years ago and was horrified. SO SO sad. I hope these organizations can make a difference.

  • Meghan – very cool idea, and congrats on the anniversary. I'm a tweet this out…

  • Joachim Rahmfeld

    Great cause, great video! And congratulations on the anniversary!

  • Happy one year (and a couple months) b-day! Loved the helpful demo. Hee! Also, congrats on the 100 followers. That really is cool.

  • Josh – thank you!

    Dawn – I stopped by your blog today but haven't had a chance to comment yet with the munchkins driving me up the wall all day. I'll check back again tomorrow!

  • m++

    Wow, one year baby!!! This blog is timeless; I'm surprised it's inception was so recent. And to think simply writing here can send a $1 to L&N's great cause, Free Is A Verb, .. easy .. easy as pie. 😀

  • Ed Hodson

    Great blog, & a great cause! Thanks for getting the word out!

  • tesia


    Very cool…there needs to be a great deal more awareness on this! Thanks for doing this.


  • m++ – I know, it feels like I've been blogging for three years! Just kidding. And I know, my video is totally dorky. Oh well. It was fun to make.

    Ed – welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

    Sheila – Laura is writing a book about the subject, too, so hopefully that will get the word out once it's published!

  • Ani

    A Pledge Drive. What a wonderful idea. The video is awesome! I will check out Free Is a Verb today.

  • First, human trafficing – booo… Loved this Ted Talk by Tony Porter – A Call to Men.… Very clear that us men have to be clear about how we are socialized and how that socialization can lead to unthinkable world that human trafficking is. Looking forward to learning more and hey writerland – keep on keepin on.


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  • RJSquirrel

    Congratulations on a positively bloggy year. And your video was NOT completely dorky. Not completely.

    Now I'm a follower AND have commented — does that cost you two bucks?


  • Jill Pittard

    Great cause Meghan!!!!

  • Eunice

    Congrats on your 1-year blog anniversary! I've been trying to watch the video but there isn't any sound — I think it's my computer. I don't think you and Molly talking about Daniel Craig…

    Anyway, thanks for all your great writing fodder and keeping all writers inspired and motivated. I always find useful information!

  • Ani! Thanks for the comment, and do check out Free Is A Verb!

    David – thank you so much for that link. I will take a look at it after my writer's retreat.

    RJ – You just cost me THREE bucks because I upped the donation for signing into Writerland to $2!

    Jiil – thanks for stopping by!

    Eunice – weird. Martin said the sound on his was a little off, too, but it works fine on my computer. Thanks for the comment!

  • Well, here I am, so add another dollar to the fund for Free is a Verb!

    Good luck with the pledges!

  • Happy 1 year , Meghs! Write on!

  • Karen P. – great to see you here. Thanks for stopping by!

    Otis – thank you! Thanks for the support!

    And to everyone who has stopped by thus far to support Free Is A Verb – merci! You guys rock!

  • Thanks, Steve, for participating!

  • Lesley

    Meghan — Hi From LA.. going to read your sample chapter … and nice of you to donate to this cause based on Commentating via your blog. : )

  • Lesley,

    Thanks for stopping by! I would post more sample chapters, but I'm paranoid about being plagiarized 🙂