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BlogHer ’13

Who’s going to BlogHer ’13? It will be in Chicago, Thursday through Saturday, July 25-27, of—you guessed it—2013. Early Bird registration ends Nov. 7. Until then you can register for half the regular price, just $198! No, I’m not advertising for BlogHer. I have no connection to BlogHer, but I really want to go to BlogHer ’13, and I want all of you to meet me there! Come! Let’s hang out! Let’s eat brownies and drink cocktails and compare blog stats. Nah, let’s just eat brownies and drink cocktails. Chicago is a long hike from Berkeley, CA, but it’s my birth town (Damn, now you’ll be able to answer my security question and deplete my bank account), and it’s just a five-hour drive from my home town of Detroit, where I go to visit my family every summer. So … who’s in? Let’s meet at BlogHer ’13!

And who’s been to a BlogHer conference? Who knows someone who has been to a BlogHer Conference? How was your/her experience? Good? Bad? Meh? Do tell!

14 comments to BlogHer ’13

  • Meghan, it sounds like a marvelous conference. I'm anxious to read comments from people who've been to one! Thanks for sharing this!

  • mrjmorgan

    Sounds exclusive. What about guys?!

  • MMB

    Hi! So I've been to two BlogHer conferences … the first one was in San Diego and was fantastic. Great panels, awesome people and a really great experience overall. Ugh, then I attended this year's conference in NY and it was a hot mess. The panels were just so-so and for a lot of them, the rooms were so small, that people were turned away! I happen to get to them early but I know several women who literally were locked out of panels! And while the speakers (Katie Couric, Martha) were really good, the meals were a mess. It was just not organized well … is what I'm saying. BUT perhaps the Chicago location will be better suited for such a massive conference. My two cents …

    • meghancward

      MMB, From what I gather, BlogHer is aware of the problems that occurred in New York and are planning a bigger venue (actually two, the Sheraton Chicago and McCormick Place) and better organization for Chicago/2013. But who knows whether they'll pull it off. It sounds like the conference is growing faster than they expected, and they weren't prepared for such large crowds this year.

    • I'm with you MMB – San Diego was my first BlogHer and I thought it was terrific, though I also attributed my overall positive experience there to the fact that I was fairly new to blogging so a lot of the info presented was fresh to me. NY was less successful to me from a programming and logistics standpoint for the reasons MMB lists. Felt a bit as though it had gotten top-heavy, but I do think the organizers are listening to that feedback from participants. The sessions weren't quite as useful this year, though I'm fully prepared to attribute that to the loads of cold syrup I was drinking to quell a lousy summer cold. But in terms of reconnecting with blogging friends and making new ones IRL – a key success factor in blogging, i"m convinced – it was completely worthwhile, and I'm definitely going to see Meghan in Chicago!

      • meghancward

        So glad you are going, Nancy, even after New York was a less-than-ideal experience. I found these tips someone posted before BlogHer '12. The outfits the ladies in the second photo are wearing are a bit intimidating. Do people really attend panels dressed like they're going to a cocktail party? I'd planned to wear jeans until I read this post.

  • I'm such a conference junkie that this one totally intrigues me. I go to a lot of writer's conferences, but one about blogging could be kind of cool. And that's a great price. Though, I'm thinking hubs wouldn't be oh-so-excited about me spending money on yet another trip, lol. He does love Chicago though…maybe I could convince him to come with. 🙂

    • meghancward

      Come, come! I haven't been to Chicago in about 20 years, so I'm dying to go. The group hotel room rate at the Sheraton is $199/night for a king bed or $209/night for two double beds, which bloggers can share. I may stay with family one or two nights and at the hotel one night. I'll be going solo while hubbie watches the kids.

  • MMB

    Chicago is an AWESOME city so don't get me wrong, I'll prob attend BlogHer. I'm glad to know they are going to adjust the experience. And no, lots of people were dressed casually Meghan. I didn't feel at all like it was a fashionista type event…. I love conferences too and get so much out of them … I'm going to ASJA in NY again this spring. Anyone going to that?

    • meghancward

      I've never been to ASJA or AWP. I'd love to go to AWP one of these years, but it's tough to get away with two small kids to take care of.

  • Nina Badzin

    Want to go so much, but my daughter's bday is 11/3. Just don't think I can do it.