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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, everyone! I’m taking a short blogging break to play with my new toys and watch my favorite Christmas specials, but I’ll be back in the New Year with all kinds of great new posts. Enjoy your time off, and have a fantastic New Year. See you in 2013!

9 comments to Happy Holidays!

  • mainecharacter

    Oh, that's one of my favorite Christmas specials. It was on just once or twice when I was a kid, and then didn't see it again for like ten years, until cable arrived, which reassured me I hadn't been imagining it.

    Happy New Year!

    • Meghan Ward

      I tried embedding the video several times, but it wouldn't post. It's my favorite Christmas special song! I also bought the DVD of Charlie Brown's Xmas and although that show it WAY over my kids' heads, the music is fantastic.

  • change it up editing

    Hope you had a great holiday, Meghan, and looking forward to reading your new posts. I've nominated you for an award:

  • Happy Holidays, Meghan! I took a bit of a social media break the tail-end of November and all of December to spend time with family, etc. but it's always good to hear everyone is enjoying the holiday and doing well. Happy New Year!

    • Meghan Ward

      I did the same, Want. My end-of-November lack of writing turned into six whole weeks. Yikes! But I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to tackle 2013! Happy New Year!

    • Meghan Ward

      P.S. When are you moving out here?

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