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7 Reasons I’m Thankful for You

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Whether your day will be filled with turkey or Tofurkey, au gratin potatoes or gluten-free, dairy-free pumpkin pie (mine will be filled with both), I wish everyone a wonderful time eating, relaxing and spending time with family and friends this weekend.


Photo courtesy of Julie via Creative Commons

And now, a few reasons I am thankful for YOU:

1. You tirelessly and generously provide the world with valuable free online content. You’re funny, you’re informative, you research your facts. THANK YOU for all the time and energy you put into the writing you do.

2. You don’t over-promote. When you have a book coming out, you tell us—of course! We want to know about it because we love you and want to support you. When you write a blog post that could be useful to us, you let us know because that information could help us out. But you don’t bombard us daily with pleas to buy your products and services. You don’t clog our Facebook feed with ads. THANK YOU for being so considerate.

3. You are authentic. When you send an email newsletter or a message on LinkedIn, it doesn’t start it with, “Meghan, I want to thank you for being part of my online network…” as if we didn’t just have lunch last week, as if I am just one of your thousands of followers, not your IRL friend. THANK YOU for being sincere, for keeping it real, for being you.

4. You don’t bore us with long accounts of what happened to your dog this past weekend, with photos of your breakfasts, with chapter after chapter from your latest romance novel. You keep us engaged with hilarious videos, professional-quality photos and thought-provoking insights about current events. THANK YOU for enlightening and entertaining us.

5. You are upbeat. You are positive. You inspire us to take action. You don’t whine and complain. You call injustices to our attention and make suggestions for how we can take action to right those wrongs. You are awesome, and you make us want to be more awesome, too. THANK YOU for giving us hope.

6. You are generous. You share your knowledge freely. You make time for others in your overscheduled world. You try not to always put your own needs first, which can be tough when everyone is trying to get ahead. THANK YOU for your unselfishness.

7. You are mindful. You try not to multitask. You savor your food. You observe your surroundings. You listen when people talk. You let your mind relax long enough to focus on what you are doing. And you are calmer and more patient as a result. THANK YOU for slowing down.

Thank you all for everything you do. Happy Thanksgiving!

6 comments to 7 Reasons I’m Thankful for You

  • harriet542

    Thanks for being a very patient and encouraging teacher.

    – Harriet Heydemann

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  • I am quite sad that my country does not celebrate Thanksgiving day, just because I really enjoy this festive traditions. Stuffed Turkey, for example, is one of my favorite kinds of food, along with pumpkin pie . I also like the idea of family dinner, with everyone close.