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The Editing Hour—More Mispronunciations

More mispronunciations!

Okay, here are a two I’ve been pronouncing wrong: era, pronounced “EAR-ra” not “AIR-uh” and “equinox,” pronounced “EE-kwi-nahks,” not “EH-kwi-nahks.” Also, “err,” is “UR,” not “AIR.”

This guy claims “eschew” is “es-CHOO,” not “e-SHOO,” but he also includes a lengthy letter from the pronunciation editor of Merriam-Webster on why they include […]

The Editing Hour: Mispronunciations

I have this awesome book called The Beastly Book of Mispronunciations. Here are some random samples, mostly from the Ds:

Dubois, as in W.E.B.—I remember the first time I heard his name pronounced in college, I flinched at my professor’s “awful” pronunciation (doo-boyce), but alas, that’s the correct way to pronounce it, not “doo-bwah,” the […]