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I WILL return to blogging regularly again soon. It’s been a busy week with having turned the big 4-0 (what with all the wine to drink, cake to eat, and massages to be had). So while I set to coasting down the proverbial hill, here are a few links for you:

The Guardian’s Ten Rules […]

Link Love

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the point of ice dancing? The figure skating competitions were so much better. At least now I can get some work done (until Tuesday, when the women’s figure skating begins). And now for some links!

Here is some recommended reading for writers considering an MFA.

A great […]

Link Love

Lots of great links this week!

Editor Alan Rinzler has tips for blending the backstory into your novel or memoir.

Both Kristan Hoffman and Rachelle Gardner’s guest blogger Rachel Starr Thompson ask Why Do You Write?

And lots of query letter advice this week!

Agent Nathan Bransford suggests you query in batches, not all at […]

Link Love

Links for this week!

Sierra Godfrey takes on my favorite word, “defenestrate” in her Word Up Wednesday.

Nathan Bransford, as usual, has some astute observations about the publishing industry. This week he discusses the impact the Amazon Macmillan “missile crisis” will have on people with e-readers and the possibility that people could pay less for […]

Link Love

I’m posting fewer links this week because I’m on a deadline, but they’re good ones. Check them out!

Jacquelyn Wheeler has a great post on turning dreams into goals.

See JA Konrath’s post about luck and the role it plays in your success.

This guy is writing a novel in six-sentence chapters. Check it out!


Link Love

Wow. This week I’m actually going to post my favorite links on Friday like all the cool people do!

Editor Alan Rinzler over at The Book Deal has a detailed post on memoir with seven tips for combating your inner critic.

Jacquelyn Wheeler breaks down the pros and cons of self-publishing vs traditional publishing.

Shelli […]

Link Love

A little late on the link love this week again, but I’m feeling more sane now that the holidays are over. Good stuff this week:

In publishing news, things may not be as bad as they seem: Jacket Copy reported that book sales were down only 3% in 2009, with hardcover fiction up 3% from […]

Link Love

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted any links, so here are a few that caught my eye. Starting with the heavily anticipated Apple Tablet expected out this March, there is much speculation. According to Apple Insider, Apple filed a patent for a VERY COOL tactile keyboard. The site also reports that Apple […]

Link Love—The Missing Links

Between fighting a cold and organizing my toddler’s birthday party, I’m a little late in getting links out. For people visiting for the first time, it’s tradition on writing and publishing blogs to post links to your favorite articles of the week. Here are mine:

An inspirational post from an intern at The Bent Agency, […]

Link Love

Here are links to my favorite writing and publishing blog posts this week:

Jade Park wrote a great post about rejection.

This news is a month old already, but I still find it fascinating that a Georgia court awarded a woman $100,000 after she claimed that a childhood friend portrayed her as an “alcoholic slut” […]