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5 Google Reader Alternatives






If you read many blogs, you probably use an RSS reader, and chances are that RSS reader is Google Reader—or was. Google Reader will be obsolete as of Monday, July 1, so you’ve got three more days to get your feeds transferred to a new reader before you lose […]

Dear Klout: It’s Not Me, It’s You

I was a Klout junkie. The first thing I did when I woke up in the morning was reach for my iPad and check my Klout score to see if it had gone up a point since the previous night (scores apparently change in the middle of the night). I’m a casual gamer (Settlers of […]

Writing, Publishing, Social Media News

Just a few updates for my peeps here in the Bay Area, in case you’re not following me on Twitter or Facebook. (What? You’re not? Get on over there and follow/like me. You won’t regret it!)

1. I’ll be telling a story at the Porchlight storytelling series this Monday at 8 p.m. at the Verdi […]

Pay Yourself First

If you’ve read any personal finance books, you’ve probably come across the phrase, “Pay yourself first.” The rationale behind this advice is that if you wait until all your bills have been paid (and you’ve done all your shopping) to put money into a savings or investment account, there may be nothing left. But if […]


I am horrified to have just discovered that I had 25 unapproved comments in my Admin folder (only three of them spam)—many from writer friends an bloggers whose blogs I frequent. I rely on WordPress to notify me when someone has commented, and when a comment in pending approval, but somehow it hasn’t been doing […]

Technical Question 4 U

For all you people who are more blog savvy than I am: How do I get my picture to show up next to comments when I choose Name/URL as my identity instead of my Google Account? Anyone using software know?