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Link Love

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the point of ice dancing? The figure skating competitions were so much better. At least now I can get some work done (until Tuesday, when the women’s figure skating begins). And now for some links!

Here is some recommended reading for writers considering an MFA.

A great post from Rachelle Gardner reminding writers that no one said the road to publishing (and beyond) would be easy.

Query advice from Sierra Godfrey and Jessica Faust. Also from BookEnds, don’t quote your rejection letters. And from Rachelle Gardner, why an agent may pass after requesting your manuscript.

Over at Guide to Literary Agents, Seven Things Tia Nevitt Has Learned about writing.

Frances Dinkelspiel gives us the low-down on The San Francisco Writers’ Conference, and Shelli at Market My Words interviews author Carolyn Howard-Johnson on how to promote your book for cheap.

If you haven’t done your taxes yet, Guide to Literary Agents has a great post on Tax Tips for Writers.

And if you HAVE and you need a good laugh, check out these hilarious videos at Kimberly Franklin’s site.

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