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Contest Reminder

I’m extending my followers contest until Thursday, April 15, at midnight, so you have until then to get your taxes done and to comment below. All you have to do is follow me over there on the sidebar where it says Google Friend Connect and then tell me:

1. Your name/screen name
2. Where you’re located
3. Your blog/website if you have one
4. Your favorite ice cream

It’s okay if you’re already a follower, but you still have to comment below! I’ll choose a name from among my followers who have commented and send you an autographed copy (addressed to you) of Daniel Alarcón’s A Secret Miracle: The Novelist’s Handbook, and I’ll throw in a 20-page critique of a short story or book excerpt of your choice. My favorite part about getting new followers is making new blog friends. Who knew there were many awesome writing blogs out there! I wish I had time to keep up with them all.

And here are my own responses:

1. Meghan Ward
2. Berkeley, CA
3. (or
4. I just ate a bunch of Americone Dream, which I love, but I’m also a big fan of Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, Everything But The, and many, many more!

Happy weekend!


7 comments to Contest Reminder

  • I don't have a WIP for you to help me with. But I am always up for free books and to talk about ice cream.

    Anastasia Villarreal

    Austin, Tx

    my husband runs a local ice cream store so I have ice cream up to my ears. But I am lame..vanilla, with sprinkles and m&m's. They call it a birdsnest, cause the m&m's are eggs. get it? anyway…..

    thanks for visiting me, too.

  • Anastasia, I'm so jealous that your husband runs an ice cream store! But I guess then I'd get sick of it, too. Your kids must be in heaven, though.

  • Hi Megan,

    1- David F. Mendes

    2 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    3 – (Portuguese website, English one still to come)

    4 – You won't know about it. It's ice cream from a Brazilian berry called Jabuticaba.

  • 1. Your name/screen name: Elizabeth Stark

    2. Where you’re located: Berkeley, CA

    3. Your blog/website if you have one:
    4. Your favorite ice cream: the hand-made sugar-free ice cream Angie will one day make-for me . . .

  • Yay, nice to meet you.

    1. Charity Bradford

    2. North Carolina, USA

    3. My Writing Journey

    4. I'm not big on ice cream, but I do love Moose Tracks and Mint chocolate chip.

  • Hi – I'm Mary Campbell

    I live in Utah and I blog at
    My favorite ice cream used to caramel, but lately I love blueberry.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower

  • David – thanks for visiting from Brazil, and looking forward to your English website! I'll have to try some Jabuticaba if I ever make it to Brazil!

    Elizabeth – sugar free ice cream doesn't sound very good, but I hope she makes it soon!

    Charity – Mmm. Moose Tracks and Mmm Mint Chocolate Chip.

    Mary – I've never had blueberry ice cream. I'm big on caramel, but I'll have to try blueberry someday.

    And thank you all for visiting!