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Wordle Up!

I’m hopping on the Wordle bandwagon and posting my manuscript as interpreted by Wordle. People are using this as an editing tool, but Wordle filters out numbers and the most common English words like “and” and “the.” I obviously use the word “like” a lot, but not in the “Like, totally tubular” sort of way, but in the “My love is like a rose” sort of way, so I think that’s okay. Mostly, Wordle is just a really fun app to play with. Whoever designed it has awesome graphic design skills because the color combinations are fabulous as are the fonts and layouts. Click on the image below to see it larger, and create your own Wordle!

Wordle: Like Alain

5 comments to Wordle Up!

  • Awsome Wordle. "Paris go think Alain–know want one," grabbed me immediately. Sounds like a cerebral romance in Paris!

    Interesting when a word like "like" jumps out like that. We all have favorite words we don't realize we overuse. Unfortunately Wordle doesn't work with some versions of Internet Explorer, so I haven't been able to try it. But when I get that new computer…

  • misspelled "awesome". I should have had another cup of coffee before I tried to write anything w/out spellcheck.

  • I do need to take a look at my overuse of "like." And the fact that Alain is so large makes me want to cut out some of his chapters, too, since my book is a memoir and not a romance (although there can be a lot of romance in a memoir!). Thanks for visiting!

  • I love Wordle, but I've only used it for blog posts. Like when I wanted to demonstrate the overuse of anything dealing with the beating heart or breathing in my ms.

  • I really like this card really worth five grand