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One Reason to Buy a Kindle

This is me reading a book on the iPad at the beach. It was an overcast day, and I did discover that if I tilted it at the right angle, I could read without the towel over my head, but still, a Kindle would have been nice. Would I rather have a Kindle than an iPad? Hell now. Would I like one of each? Hell yes. At $139 for the new 6-inch Kindle, and with the ability to read Kindle books on both devices, it would be really awesome to have both.


7 comments to One Reason to Buy a Kindle

  • This pic really made my day! I'm not a beach person, but having a Nook myself I can say, that would be the way to read if you're sunning/avoiding the sun at the beach!!


  • LOLOL! I dunno, I quite like the hermit look.

    But yeah, I've heard the Kindle e-ink technology is fabulous. And like you said, for the price, why not both?

    I wonder if they should develop some sort of screen filter to help with that issue on the iPad… Since they're going to all-glossy now (across the iMacs and Macbooks too) it's definitely a problem they should be aware of.

  • Ann – I'm not much of a beach person either, or I would have thought twice before getting an iPad. I mostly read in bed at night with the light turned off, and for that it's fabulous.

    Kristan – the new Kindle is supposed to be even better than the last one! And I'm dreading getting an new laptop because I hate the glossy screens (although on the iPad it doesn't bother me.)

  • FWIW, that's kind of how I look at the beach anyway, reading device or no, avoiding the sun.

  • two-buck chuck

    that's the coolest hotbox at the beach…creative!….and i like your new-fangled term for 420….keeping in lively ms meghan!



  • For what it's worth, I'm happy with my glossy-screened MacBook. I admittedly don't work outside a whole lot… but when I do, I just turn the brightness all the way up and find an angle/spot that works for me. (I hate sitting out in direct sunlight for long anyway. I burn too easily!)

  • hilarious photo…! amazon should give you a free Kindle – just for this photo