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18 Holiday Gifts for Writers

Yes! It’s that time of year. Time for the Writerland 2011 Gifts for Writers Buying Guide! In addition to the usual case of wine, Moleskine notebook, nice pen, and day-at-the-spa gifts that all writers love, here are 17 other great ideas:

1. Come On All You Ghosts by Matthew Zapruder I work with Matthew, and […]

One Reason to Buy a Kindle

This is me reading a book on the iPad at the beach. It was an overcast day, and I did discover that if I tilted it at the right angle, I could read without the towel over my head, but still, a Kindle would have been nice. Would I rather have a Kindle than an […]

iPad Update

So now that I’ve had a little more time to read books on the iPad, here are some thoughts:


It’s VERY easy to buy a book. It’s easier through iBooks, but it’s not difficult through Amazon either. I haven’t tried the B&N app yet. Just one click and you own it. And you’re reading. […]

Link Love

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted any links, so here are a few that caught my eye. Starting with the heavily anticipated Apple Tablet expected out this March, there is much speculation. According to Apple Insider, Apple filed a patent for a VERY COOL tactile keyboard. The site also reports that Apple […]

nook can wait

I tested nook today! And I was disappointed. I thought I wanted one for Christmas, but now I think I’ll wait to see what goodness the Apple Tablet brings. I do think we’ll all have e-readers eventually. But I also think they have a ways to go before they’ll really be able to compete with […]


George Consagra, the COO of came to the Grotto for lunch this past June. If you don’t know what Scribd (pronouncd “Scribbed”) is, it started two years ago as a YouTube for documents, and in May transformed into an iTunes for documents as members became able to name their price for material they uploaded. […]