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Memoir: Finding Your Story

A friend of mine wants to turn her diaries into a memoir but doesn’t know where to begin. I read one of her diaries and marked all the passages that I found interesting—stories about dating, details about finances, notes about current events that took place a decade ago. Those details will be invaluable when adding […]

Memoir Monday: The Metaphor

A hallmark of literary fiction and memoir that distinguishes them from genre fiction is figurative language. While genre fiction (mystery, sci-fi, chick lit, fantasy) focuses mostly on plot and narrative, literary fiction focuses more on character and style, and style is often achieved through the use of fancypants language like metaphors and similes. I am […]

Memoir Monday: Do You Have a Story To Tell?

First, I just have to say, this is my 100th blog post! I started Writerland in November, and so far I’ve made some really wonderful blog buddies (Sierra, Kristan, Jackie, Kristen, Christie, and J.P. to name but a few), and I want to thank you all for stopping by on a regular basis. It’s people […]