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Writerland Challenge 2013 Week One Check-In

Happy Saturday! It’s time for the first Writerland Challenge Check-In. For those of you who are on Twitter, I have created a list of all the Twitter challengers who gave me their handles. If you are on Twitter and are not yet on the list, leave your Twitter handle below in comments, and I […]

What Jane Fonda and I Have In Common

In 1981, On Golden Pond came out and won three Oscars. A year later, Henry Fonda died. Five years later, when I was 16, I saw it and loved it (I still do). One of my favorite scenes was when Jane Fonda does a backflip off the diving board toward the end of the movie. […]

101 Ways to Avoid Writing

All writers, particularly when they are faced with a difficult scene/chapter to write, have their favorite ways of procrastinating. But for those of you who are tired of procrastinating the same way all the time, and need some new, fresh ideas, I’ve compiled a list to help you in your times of need:

1. Blog […]

Self-Sabotage Report

Okay, who did their homework? Did you keep track of the times you sabotaged your writing and the times you almost did, but chose not to? Here’s my report from Monday and Wednesday of last week and Monday of this week:

Monday 1. Went running instead of writing, but compromised and did a short run. […]


Today I have some homework for you. You probably didn’t know when you joined this blog (You did join, didn’t you? Over there in the sidebar?) that there would be homework, but don’t worry, on my blog everyone gets As.

My homework for you is to record, for the next week, all the times […]

We Interrupt This Blog …

… to bring you some random updates. I think I need to post Random Updates more often, a chance to say all those things that don’t merit an entire blog post.

First up, my writing goals. As some of you know, four weeks ago I mailed my friend in Texas $1000 with a plan for […]

Drastic Measures

Despite all my talk about stick-to-it-iveness, I have not done much writing in the past couple of months. I have lots of excuses—two small children, training for a half marathon, etc. But like Martha Borst says, you can have excuses, or you can have results. And I don’t want this revision to drag on all […]


When most people hear the word “commitment,” they think about long-term relationships and marriage. But what about commitment to yourself and your goals? According to Martha Borst, when you keep your commitments, you begin to control your life.

Back in England, I have a friend who is a self-help course junkie. You name it, […]

Over the wall

Last week, I was feeling really discouraged about revising my book. I’ve been working on this same book for SO long now (more than five years), and I’m dying to put it behind me on and start something new. I don’t feel excited about it. In fact, I mysteriously find very important things that I […]

What you resist, persists.

This is a favorite quote from professional coach Martha Borst, with whom I took a workshop at the Grotto a couple of years back. Her workshops aren’t cheap, but they’re well worth it, and if you don’t want to spend the money, you can buy her workshop in a book on Amazon. A few things […]