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Memoir Monday: A History

I’m reading Memoir: A History, which, like most books I read these days, is taking me weeks because every time I get into bed and open the book, about three pages in I’m sound asleep. But this is a great book that covers everything from the very first autobiographies to the present day Six-Word Memoirs […]

3G iPad Report

Bought the 3G iPad on Friday! I haven’t used it that much yet, but here are my initial reactions:

It’s beautiful. The interface is gorgeous. Everything about it is slick and delicious. I downloaded a ton of classics and even started reading The Count of Monte Cristo, which was great. A lot of books I’m […]

Wordle Up!

I’m hopping on the Wordle bandwagon and posting my manuscript as interpreted by Wordle. People are using this as an editing tool, but Wordle filters out numbers and the most common English words like “and” and “the.” I obviously use the word “like” a lot, but not in the “Like, totally tubular” sort of way, […]

Contest Winner!

The blog contest is officially over. Thank you to everyone who commented with their favorite books! I have a great list of suggestions now. And of those who commented (who also joined this site), I folded up little pieces of paper with your names on it, put them in a hat, and had my husband […]

Why do you buy the books you buy?

I’m curious why people buy the books they buy. Because someone recommended it? Because you saw it in a bookstore and it looked interesting? Because you read a review? Because you’ve read a previous book by the author and liked it? (Below I list the last ten books I bought and why I bought them […]

Link Love

It’s tradition on writing/editing/publishing blogs to show your link love every Friday. Here are some highlights from this week:

Agent Nathan Bransford writes in the Huffington Post about what it takes to “move the needle,” or make an impact, within the publishing industry.

Ben Parr over at Mashable writes about how LinkedIn and Twitter […]